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Jerusalem Train Theater

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Jerusalem Train Theater


The Need: The Jerusalem Train Theater was founded in 1981 and has since become a leading force in the art of puppetry in Israel. Named for its first home,  an old train car within Koret Liberty Bell Park, the Train Theater currently resides in a small structure that seats no more than 60 people and has limited  rehearsal space. Constant growth over the years means that the theater's dynamic repertoire now exceeds the capacity of its current premises. The Train Theater has received approval to build a new home on a 900-square-meter area of land that encompasses the space where the train car once stood. This generous area will be sufficient for the theater's broad range of activities and enable even further growth for this leading institution.


The Jerusalem Foundation, together with its partners, places a strong emphasis on creating a vibrant city for families to raise their children and artists to develop their craft. To fulfill this mandate, we proudly support initiatives such as the Train Theater, , that contribute to cultural opportunities available to Jerusalem's residents.


Impact on Jerusalem:  With 35 years of experience creating interactive storytelling performances, creative workshops and roving street festivals for the whole family, the Train Theater offers an expansive repertoire that sparks the imagination of those behind the curtain and in theater seats. The theater works with more than 150 artists annually and produces the highly-acclaimed International Festival of Puppet Theater, an annual fixture on Jerusalem's cultural calendar.


The new Train Theater will feature a performance hall with 200 seats, ample backstage space for technical rooms, a spacious patio for space for performances, a box office, coffee shop and office space. The Train Theater represents an important and high-quality center that inspires imagination and enables children to master their own sense of creative expression. It also fulfills an important role in keeping emerging artists in the city by providing numerous opportunities for employment in their specific art. Recognizing this institution's unique contribution to the present and future of cultural opportunity in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Foundation is committed to creating a permanent, world-class home for the Train Theater, thereby enhancing life in Jerusalem for artists and youth, while strengthening the overall vitality of the city.



Partners:Jerusalem Municipality;Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport