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Beit Alliance – Arts Community

Beit Alliance – Arts CommunityThe new Jerusalem Cultural Quarter brings together arts, commerce and leisure; combining creativity and culture, talent and technology, education and entrepreneurship. The projects included in the Cultural Quarter will become an economic engine creating opportunities and attracting people to live and work together in Jerusalem.

Need: A diverse group of avant-garde and up-and-coming arts groups is the basis for a thriving artistic community, and a key element of a vibrant cultural scene. This is crucial to enticing a creative class to live and work in Jerusalem, laying the foundations for the city’s economic development.

Response: The New Spirit organization enteredBeit Alliance, an abandoned school next to Mahane Yehuda – the heart of Jerusalem nightlife – and transformed it into a hub for Jerusalem-based arts groups, who come to the building to rehearse, work, and perform. Including:

C.A.T.A.M.O.N: This dance group focuses on young artists and on free performances in the public sphere; Artist’s Workshop: This group offers a series of visual arts courses for beginners through advanced learners; The School of Music and Silence: This group of musicians explores the relationship between music and other genres, with out-of-the-box performances that challenge standard artistic conventions; The Brenga: A group of up-and-coming actors and recent graduates of Jerusalem’s institutes of higher arts education, the Brenga acts as a forum for different actors to collaborate together on new projects and to work together to meet common challenges; Alumni Art: This group is a platform for the visual arts in ultra-Orthodox society; Alliance 7: A group of film-makers and photographers who specialize in the avant-garde;

Population Served: Beit Alliance is a home for Jerusalem’s young artists; its location makes it popular with university students, who live in the adjacent areas. The different arts groups cater to all the different sectors of Jerusalem’s diverse society.

Impact: By day, Beit Alliance is full of creativity and hard work. By night, it is full of different parties and events spilling over into each other, as guests and hosts amble throughout the complex. Together, the arts groups in Beit Alliance significantly strengthen Jerusalem’s arts and culture scene, forming the backbone of the city’s next generation of artists who will build the city’s cultural future.