Art & Culture



Barbur Gallery and Community Art Center

Need: Display space for cutting-edge works and platforms for dialogue between artists and communities are essential for a thriving cultural scene that caters to the city’s different populations.

Response: Barbur is a non-profit contemporary art gallery based in the historic Nachlaot neighborhood in central Jerusalem. Barbur combines professional art with a community arts center, working with a variety of Nachlaot communities, including secular, religious, students, young families, the elderly, and the ultra-Orthodox. Projects include:

  • Professional Art Exhibitions (12 annually)
  • Performance Art Projects (including a residency program)
  • A Collaborative Art Group exploring performance art through theoretical studies and practical exercises
  • A Community Garden in the Barbur courtyard run by neighborhood volunteers that hosts sustainability workshops and activities for children;
  • Community Classes at a subsidized rate, including: drawing, puppet-making for children, singing and collaborative writing.

Population Served: The gallery received 5,000 visitors in 2015, drawing a diverse crowd from across the city.

Impact: Barbur strengthens downtown communities by fostering a sense of communal identity, while creating a network for contemporary artists in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Post named Barbur as one of Jerusalem’s top five “contemporary art hotspots” and praised Barbur as “an influential and independent, nonprofit space for contemporary art and artists” whose exhibits promote works that “raise social issues”.


Partners:  Jerusalem Municipality;Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport